Tips for Maintenance of Leak Equipment for Detecting Leaks in Food Packaging

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Food packaging helps to keep contaminants out of processed, fresh and frozen food. The packaging also protects the food from situational problems such as moisture loss, freezer burn and physical damage. In order to ensure that the leak equipment that is used for detecting leaks in food packaging is in good condition, manufacturing and packing facility managers should follow these maintenance tips.

Follow the Manufacturer’s Maintenance Schedule
Most pieces of leak equipment come with an owner’s manual. The owner’s manual should detail the manufacturer’s specifications for maintenance. The maintenance requirements and frequency of each action should be explained. If the equipment has a manufacturer’s warranty, it is important that the maintenance schedule be followed in order to maintain the terms and conditions of the warranty. Some pieces of leak detection equipment must be serviced and repaired by factory-trained technicians. Be sure to find out if this is the case for your equipment. If it is, only use a qualifying technician to do the repairs.

Regularly Test the Leak Detection Equipment
It is also important for the leak equipment to be tested on a regular basis. The frequency of equipment testing should depend on the throughput of your facility. It might also depend on the manufacturer’s specifications. Each piece of leak detection equipment will have different testing requirements. Be sure to put the machine through testing conditions that are similar to the real-world conditions, such as testing it first thing in the morning after the machine has not been in use over a weekend or holiday. It should also be tested after it has been working for many hours, such as at the end of of an 8-hour shift.

Set Up an Automated System for Maintenance and Testing Reminders
If your facility’s leak equipment is automated, consider setting up an automated system to alert you to the need for maintenance. For example, if the manufacturer specifies that maintenance of the unit is needed after the equipment checks 10,000 units, have the equipment alert you at the 9,000 units point. If you want to implement a system of randomized testing of the leak detection system, program the system to generate a random number and test the system after that many units have been processed. Be sure to keep all of the results from your testing. You may need to have the records in order to prove that your facility has been diligent with the testing and maintenance of the food packaging systems.

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