Handling leak Detection for food packaging

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Food manufacturers stand to incur substantial losses whenever their food products test positive for even very small leaks. In fact, if the food products have already been dispatched, fixing the leak problems can be an extremely expensive ordeal for the company. If the leaks are not detected in real-time during the packaging process, then the food company will have to do a food recall which gravely hurts the company’s reputation. In order to avoid harming the brand reputation of your food products, you should consider investing in leak equipment that will help your packaging staff handle the food leakage beforehand.

It’s also important to understand how the leakage is detected. The detection is pretty simple because it’s all about when the packaging defect meets an already determined criterion. For instance, the pressures generated with the packaging when they are being distributed and the consequent relationship between the micro-organisms and the leak size.

Canned Goods

Leak spoilage happens when micro-organisms enter the container of canned food causing contamination. Research has proved that leak spoilage is the main cause of post-process contamination resulting in loss of sterility in the product. Hence most of the food poisoning incidents that occur at the consumption stage are caused by this type of post-process contamination.

Flexible and Semi-Rigid Packaging

Although this was developed as an option for canning, it can also experience leakage. The various layers of polymers and metals used in making the packages are designed in such a way that they offer sturdy barrier features. A leak occurs in the flexible and semi-rigid packaging when food gets entrapped in the seals or when they wrinkle slightly causing holes on the seal area of the package. In other words, the seal contamination, in this case, is mechanical and is due to poor control of the sealing structures. You should ensure that high standards of the material being used have been met because if temporary holes appear in the packaging material, leaks can also occur.

The pinholes in these types of packaging can be controlled by avoiding burst and seal creep. These are simple defects that often occur during the storage and distribution of the packages. To maintain sterility of these type of package, sealability, and peelability ought to be observed.

How Leaks Are Discovered

Besides employing all your QA/QC processes such as searching for abnormalities via sight and touch, you should consider investing in a credible leak equipment for detecting the leaks. Leaks can cause big problems to the reputation of your brand and should be controlled by all possible means.

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